STL Stem Cell Wake-up Solution for Culturing Human Epidermal Stem Cells


epidermal stem cells
STL stem cell wake-up fluid


Human skin epidermal stem cells are multipotent stem cells with unlimited proliferation potential and multidirectional differentiation ability. In this study, the skin samples were separated, the epidermal sheet was digested with Dispase II protease, the cells were resuspended, and the STL stem cell wake-up fluid was added for culture. The epidermal stem cells were identified using immunocytochemistry that detected the expression of their surface markers β1 integrin and CK19. The clone formation of epidermal stem cells and keratinocytes was compared. The results showed that the cell morphology and growth were good, and the epidermal stem cells were positively stained for β1 integrin and CK19 keratin. The clone formation rate of epidermal stem cells was significantly higher than that of keratinocytes.


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